Alex Lopez

Digital Content Specialist


Alex Lopez is a Digital Content Specialist at FiComm’s Los Angeles office, helping clients to communicate more effectively with media, their partners, and clients of their own. What he lacks in fancy college degrees, he more than makes up for with his field experience, positivity, a can-do attitude, and mastery of Google search.

The greatest asset Alex possesses is the will to go above and beyond for his clients as he truly believes that it is up to all of us to put that little bit of “extra” into extraordinary.

The knowledge that he holds for digital marketing is shared with his clients, as well as received. He is someone who never stops learning, as he is one who appreciates group huddles where potentially new knowledge is shared and received. It is a knowledge that is based on having and holding, as well as sharing and receiving and the knowledge that he gives and has, is shared and received.

As an accomplished dad joke teller, Alex also loves baseball and football and enjoys managing fantasy teams in his spare time.

Why did the marketer fall off the trampoline? Because his bounce rate was too high! (pause for applause)

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