Rebecca Redfern

Vice President


Rebecca Redfern is Vice President, Marketing at FiComm Partners, based in Los Angeles. Rebecca has over 10 years’ experience managing integrated marketing campaigns, content development, digital marketing and project management. Her experience has ranged from working with financial and investment firms, aerospace, automobile, healthcare to non-profits.

Prior to joining FiComm Partners, she worked at Wells Fargo, managing strategy for digital and print communication campaigns, branding, and content development. She also worked in the finance space for an investment thought leader. Rebecca specializes in digital marketing initiatives across social media, brand strategy, user engagement and web optimization.

Born in Los Angeles, but educated in England, Rebecca gained a master’s in Marketing and Strategy from Warwick Business School and a double-honors bachelor’s degree in German and Business studies from the University of Warwick. Having been raised across the world, she is passionate and sensitive to different cultures and audiences and understands the international business space. During her early career she worked in Marketing for BMW at their Munich headquarters.

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