Make your business strategy stand out from the crowd

Great businesses are driven by effective branding and strategy. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to level up an existing one, our experienced team of industry experts will define your strategy and translate it into clearly defined goals.

Communications is a catalyst for business growth, it underpins the human reaction your company inspires in others. Our consulting services outlined below offers strategies that galvanize and promote growth from a business lens.

Communications Strategy that is aligned with your business plan is key to marketing success. Underpinning all outreach efforts, your Communications Strategy outlines how you will reach your target market through various forms of communication. We begin the process by asking the tough questions: What do you stand for? What is your purpose? Who do you stand behind? We challenge you to think big while remaining focused, and to home in on your outreach efforts. We listen and couple what we know from the industry with what we learn from you to create your Communications Strategy. With clear goals and success metrics, a strategy is both creative and actionable, decisive and tactical.

Solid Market Research provides invaluable insight into the minds of your clients. The ability to know and understand your customers is more important than ever before. In a digitally-driven economy and time of unprecedented change, businesses need to have behind the scenes access to achieve business success. Timely research is the only way to keep one step ahead. We work to help clients understand their markets and how their customers, employees, and other key stakeholders are thinking. Using quantitative and qualitative research techniques, we provide clients with the data they need to develop their product and service offerings, formulate robust marketing and communication strategies, deliver compelling messages that capture stakeholders’ attention and achieve growth goals.

Our WealthTech Consulting services are available to pre-launch tech businesses. Competition is fierce in the growing independent wealth management space, and we know that time invested before launch can yield tremendous results. Before you take your tech to market, we’ll provide direction on pricing, partners, brand, messaging, ideal client personas, and positioning. During our time together, we create a map of comprehensive materials to help you at launch and beyond. A market viability assessment and a go-to-market strategy will get you off on the right foot, while events recommendations and introductions to our network will ensure that you’re noticed.

Advisor Focus Groups deliver real-time feedback from your target audience. Focus groups will shape your direction and sharpen your paths to success. We bring the advisors to the table, literally. In addition to sourcing the advisors, we handle all logistics, run the focus group, and report on the findings. Focus groups can be used for new product launches, messaging, marketing copy testing, and branding gut checks.

Go-To-Market Strategy is a detailed plan that outlining the steps you’ll take to make your product and services available to your clients. It is crucial to plan out how to address the advisor or investor audiences before your approach. We’ll collaborate to define your target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy. Every business is different, and so every go-to-market plan should reflect that. Our goal is to work with you to map out the market problem that your company will solve, and how to communicate that solution to your ideal clients.

Private Equity Portfolio Company Audits provide a thorough analysis of portfolio companies and prospective portfolio companies. Private equity capital is rushing into the wealth management industry at a rapid pace. With fine-tuned analysis, we offer invaluable insight so private equity firms can maximize their return on investment and seize essential advantages. We evaluate each holding on its brand equity, reputation, benchmarking, influence, and communications so that you are fully armed with the insight needed to make strategic decisions.