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55ip is an investment strategy engine that provides financial advisors and wealth managers the capabilities to build intelligent, custom models for their clients through a digital, advisor-branded platform.

55ip’s proprietary investment science addresses the common frictions that get in the way of client outcomes, including high fees, extreme losses, and taxes.


55ip came to us in 2018 to help:

  1. Generate stories in the media that directly support/correlate with the three frictions: taxes, risks and fees
  2. Form relationships with influential journalists. Target advisor trade media to amplify 55ip’s expertise across a variety of topics pertinent to the wealth management community
  3. Continue open communication between teams so FiComm is equipped with proprietary and newsworthy insight from the 55ip team
  4. Leverage partnership integrations that can speak to the frictions as well as the MRI score
  5. Refine a company narrative: Communicating 55ip’s investment management offering for advisors, focusing on its proprietary Investment Science and technology enabled platform

FiComm built relationships with key outlets
and journalists through proactive pitching,
press releases and contributed content.


We utilized media relations, contributed content, awards and speaking opportunities to position 55ip spokespeople as thought leaders on trending topics that are relevant to their target audience, such as investment science, tax transition, risk planning and investment and economic trends ( ie . active vs. passive, markets, ESG investing, etc.), to name a few.

We worked with 55ip’s executives including Paul Gamble, CEO, Sachin Shah, COO, Dr. Vinay Nair, founder and chairman, and Dr. Leonid Kogan, chief investment scientist, as key spokespeople to discuss hot button media topics.

Based on 55ip’s objectives, we identified three key buckets of media targets to pursue: wealth management trades, financial trades and top tier business media.


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Media Hits






Paul Gamble, CEO of 55ip, a technology firm that helps advisers design custom and automated investment strategies, said products like this ETF make it easier for advisers to implement ESG strategies because they remove the burden of researching the funds and help balance social responsibility with investment returns.


Firms like InvestmentPOD, qplum, and 55ip are bringing advisors investment management tools that go above and beyond the first wave of low-cost, consumer-grade robos.


“Prudent diversification is always good advice, but one should not simply rely on historical patterns of correlation between the stock market and fixed income investments,” says Leonid Kogan, chief investment scientist at online wealth management platform 55ip.

US News & World Report

Many pre-recession investors didn’t bother to look at their portfolios until after the markets had already taken a hit. They then panicked, sold and missed out on the market rebound in 2009 and beyond, describes Paul Gamble, CEO of investment strategy engine 55ip.

NBC News


“The FiComm team was integral to helping 55ip establish brand awareness and market presence. As a fast growing firm with ambitious objectives, FiComm helped us codify our messaging and value proposition, then spread the word in the marketplace through valuable 55ip leadership media placements, quotes and contributed content with key publications.”

Paul Gamble, Chief Executive Officer