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CLS Investments is one of the largest third-party money managers and ETF strategists headquartered in Omaha, NE, managing in excess of $8 billion.

The firm partners with thousands of advisors, plan sponsors, and institutions to offer a full suite of outsourced portfolio management solutions for more than 44,000 individual investors.


CLS partnered with us in 2014 because they wanted to:

  1. Position CLS Investments as one of the leading third-party money managers and ETF strategists in the wealth management industry.
  2. Build CLS’ presence in Omaha, NE to bolster hiring efforts.
  3. Elevate CLS’ portfolio management team as thought leaders in the financial services industry.

FiComm built relationships with key media outlets
and journalists through proactive pitching, press
releases and contributed content.


We used trending topics and our own media relationships to position CLS C-suite and PM team as thought leaders.

Potential customers of CLS are most interested in ETFs, behavioral investing, the economy and markets, and specific fund launches. These topics created a steady drumbeat of media coverage for CLS through strategic proactive, opportunistic and reactive media relations activities, as well as media engagements at conferences and events.

By identifying and conceptualising topics and opportunities for byline articles, we gained placement in key publications that built credibility and interest. While our press releases identified relevant and timely news, including new hires, partnerships, and client offerings and provided counsel on execution and strategy. We distributed the news to key media targets to reach new audiences with material content.


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CLS’ models cover a comprehensive range of risk tolerance levels for those seeking to accumulate wealth or avoid severe market declines. Model market center gives advisors access to a variety of third-party investment models in one place. “By offering these models on model market center, we’re empowering advisors with additional investment choices to better serve their clients’ individual needs, “CLS CEO Ryan Beach said.”

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Investors in globally balanced portfolios had a great year in 2017,“ says Rusty Vanneman, chief investment officer at Omaha-based CLS Investments IBD. “We expect investors in global portfolios to continue to do well in the year(s) ahead.”

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Emerging markets have lower correlations with the U.S. than developed international markets and thus higher diversification benefits,” says Kostya Etus, portfolio managar at CLS Investments in Omaha Nebraska. “While it’s true that individual emerging markets have unique political, financial and economic risks, they’re also highly uncorrelated with each other.”


Josh Jenkins, a portfolio manager at Omaha-based CLS Investments, agrees that “U.S. stocks have become expensive by historical standards.” He said that doesn’t mean it is time to panic about a major sell-off.”

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“I’ve worked with FiComm for more than six years, and they are truly more than just an agency – they are true partners in every sense of the word. They take an interest in all aspects of our business’ success, providing their insight and experience beyond any contractual obligation they are under. They are an extension of our business that has not only elevated our PR presence but also brand recognition, equity, and pride. They’ve set the bar high and raised our expectations for all our partners.”

Sadie Brewer, Communications Manager
CLS Invesments