Public Relations


Halbert Hargrove is a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Long Beach, CA with $2.33 billion in assets and six offices across the country.

The advisory firm specializes in serving the “quietly wealthy” and has more than 500 clients.


Halbert Hargrove came to us several years ago to help:

  1. Position Halbert Hargrove and their wealth advisors as personal finance experts to target prospective investors and clients.
  2. Build Halbert Hargrove’s profile in select local markets (including Long Beach, Houston and Denver) where they have offices to build credibility in the communities.
  3. Elevate Halbert Hargrove’s media presence with financial advisors to assist with attracting prospective recruits.

FiComm built relationships with key outlets
and journalists through proactive pitching,
press releases and contributed content.


We utilized media relations and contributed content to position Halbert Hargrove spokespeople as thought leaders on trending topics that are important to their target audience, such as HSAs, the great wealth transfer, finances in marriage (and divorce), charitable giving, millennial investors and financial advice for individuals with special needs, to name a few.

We worked with Halbert Hargrove’s C suite executives and their wealth advisors across the country as key spokespeople to discuss hot button media topics.

Based on Halbert Hargrove’s objectives, we identified three key buckets of media targets to pursue: wealth management trades, top tier business media and local outlets.


Key stats


Total Media






“Divorce is generally not part of the plan,” says Brian Spinelli, financial adviser at Halbert Hargrove. “For most people it does cause a lifestyle shift,” he says. “A number of clients delay retirement.”

The Washington Post

“It takes discipline not to interrupt a client,” said Nick Strain, a certified financial planner in Long Beach, Calif. Instead of jumping in to recommend an action or give his opinion, he prefers to keep quiet and let people direct the conversation.

Investor’s Business Daily

“Existing privacy clauses relate to clients’ personal information being held by the financial advisor,” said Shane Cummings, director of operations at advisory firm Halbert Hargrove in Long Beach, California.

US News & World Report

“We’re targeting double digit growth, revenue wise. A minimum of that. Hopefully more,” John C. Abusaid, president and chief operating officer of Long Beach-based Halbert Hargrove, said. Halbert Hargrove is a fiduciary wealth management and investment advising firm.

Long Beach Business Journal


“We have been working with FiComm for more than three years, and as a result of our relationship we have received an increase in requests from prospects across the country. Our media profile has experienced a boost, nationally as well as in our local markets, which has helped with business growth. FiComm has been a true partner to us, and they feel more like an extension of our team than an outside vendor.”

J.C. Abusaid, President, Chief Operating Officer
Halbert Hargrove