Moneta Group




Moneta Group, having for years focused on their 22 individual advisor teams, was looking to create a unified brand for the firm – “one Moneta.”


The Moneta Group partnered with us to ensure that their brand experience was cohesive, unified, and precisely crafted through well-executed creative development. Moneta wanted help to:

  1. Develop new firm messaging
  2. Develop new micro services messaging
  3. Update the look and feel of the brand
  4. Develop a new website
  5. Refresh their marketing library
  6. Produce a “Why Moneta video”

Every brand experience should be
precisely crafted through well
executed creative development.


Our solution came through the development of consistent messaging through the lens of well-defined client personas, with updated visual elements to drive and reinforce the unified story.

For the story, we developed macro (firm level) and micro (service level) messaging, client personas, proof points supporting the firm’s story), and suggested taglines and headlines.

We also established guidelines for logo display, including usage rules for placement and padding, as well as the creation of and guidelines for any team specific lockups.

When developing a mood board, we recommended color palette, iconography, font, imagery and other creative elements that will cement the brand’s aesthetic, beyond the logo itself.