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Symmetry Partners, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm based in Glastonbury, CT.

Sidestepping traditional investment approaches and looking instead to academia for investment insight, Symmetry Partners has built a successful business providing portfolio management to individuals, retirement plans and institutions.


Symmetry Partners came to us in March 2016 to help:

  1. Support the launch of Symmetry products and offerings by positioning Symmetry spokespeople as experts and thought leaders.
  2. Utilize key Symmetry spokespeople including Pat Sweeny, principal and co-founder, Dana D’Auria, managing director, Casey Dylan, CEO and director of investment product strategy & communications, and Phil McDonald, director of investments, to discuss smart beta, factor investing and other portfolio management and investing strategies.
  3. Identify, train, and prepare new media spokespeople, including Symmetry’s chief executives and strategists.
  4. Boost contributed content output across financial trade publications.
  5. Launch Symmetry’s mutual fund offering and gain traction among advisors and investors.

FiComm built relationships with key industry outlets
and journalists through proactive pitching,
press releases and contributed content.


We utilized media relations, bylined articles, conferences, and awards to position Symmetry Partners spokespeople as thought leaders on trending topics that are relevant to their target audience, such as portfolio management, strategies for asset managers, mutual fund and ETF trends to name a few.

Prior to working with us, Symmetry had a nascent media profile.

Based on Symmetry’s objectives, we conducted outreach to media targets in the wealth/asset management trades and top tier publications covering investing, the markets and personal finance.

Symmetry’s main objective for this initiative was to position their executives as thought leaders within the advisory community.


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Because the domestic market has been doing well for so long now, advisors and their clients tend to want to stick to domestic investments, but this is a mistake, says Dana D’Auria, director of research at Symmetry Partners, a financial advisory firm based in Glastonbury, Conn.

Financial Advisor Magazine

What matters most is the total return for the entire portfolio, says Philip R. McDonald, director of investments at Symmetry Partners in Glastonbury, Connecticut. "It's not in an investor's best interest to scrutinize the individual line items of their portfolio based on asset classes, funds or securities," he says. A broadly diversified portfolio will always have winners and losers, so your ideal asset allocation should reflect your long term expectations and priorities, "not short term predictions," McDonald says.

US News & World Report

Dana D’Auria, director of research at Symmetry Partners, said bonds serve as a stabilizing force in a portfolio, when asset allocation is done right. “The reason people have a 60/40 portfolio, in which 60% is allocated to stocks and 40% is allocated to bonds, is to make sure they can sleep well during major drawdowns,” said D’Auria.


Patrick Sweeny, founding partner of Symmetry Partners, says advisors need to employ due diligence on ETF strategies and the provider or sponsor. Due diligence also comes down to studying its liquidity, bearing a simple thesis in mind: “Do the due diligence on ‘is it liquid enough for them to move clients into this product and get them out of this product when they need to,’” he says.

Financial Advisor IQ