Digital Outreach


From lead generation to paid and earned social media campaigns, native advertising to platform management, digital audits to analytics – digital outreach strategically places your brand’s story where people already are.

Telling your story to your ideal clients through the perfect combination of digital communication is both an art and a science. More accurately, it’s the result of a good strategy.

Demand generation is the foundation of digital marketing. Digital marketing will generate the leads that traditional sales channels can’t – in a more targeted, measurable, and cost-effective way. A good demand generation strategy takes the customer journey into account: where and who they are, what they want to hear, and how you can get their attention.

Once you have the attention of a potential client or lead, you want to keep them interested. This is the realm of lead nurture. There are many tactics to nurture a lead; email marketing and remarketing remain two of the most effective. Marketing automation platforms can help you manage this process and allow you to spend more time on other parts of digital outreach. As you continue to nurture this lead through various tactics, you bring them from prospect to customer. This is the sales funnel: the ultimate goal of digital outreach.

Content still reigns supreme: it’s also the main vehicle by which you transport your potential client or customer along the sales funnel. Creating a good content strategy to reinforce and bolster your digital outreach, as the bedrock of your campaign planning is a good practice to get into. Blogs, webcasts, educational material, native advertising, newsletters, video, emails: the sky is the limit when it comes to creating the material that will grab the valuable attention of the lead you’re trying to capture. SEO and keyword research play a big part here, too. A proper analysis of user intent can help you craft your content, leverage industry trends, understand your competition, and shape your content moving forward.

Whether you choose to spend money boosting your content or gain traction by organic optimization and content creation, the tried and tested way to nurture leads is to create content that your audience wants to see – when and where they want to see it.

Part of the creation of your story is measuring the data. Analytics, metrics, social listening, and optimization are vital tactics in staying on track as you hit your goals. These goals can range from raising brand awareness or generating leads to assessing the effectiveness of an ad spend or a campaign. A/B testing has become the norm in crafting a finely tuned ad or email campaign that will resonate with your audience, as it allows you to test the very specific details in design, content, and placement before you engage your larger audience or ad spend budget.

Keeping an eye on your audience’s behavior allows you to continue to optimize as you communicate, engage, and authentically listen to what provides value –then keep what works, and discard what doesn’t.

Engagement creates the community around which your brand is nurtured and grown. The aim here is to cultivate brand ambassadors who will take your message far beyond where you will be able to alone. Social media engagement, in particular, is a tool with a potential power beyond measure. The proper care of your channels can become more valuable than the investment you put into any campaign or communication you deliberately design yourself. Authenticity here is key: your audience should see you as you really are and become an advocate for you; and not only hear your story but become a part of it too. Crafting a social media strategy to fulfill the above objectives should be a time-consuming activity: it’s planting seeds from which you can reap a generous reward.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

Digital outreach can help you achieve the following goals: 

  • Attract a larger and more specific customer base
  • Use content effectively to tell your story and nurture leads
  • Convert marketing and sales leads into customers
  • Widen your reach through engagement
  • Allow you to refine your brand and messaging through feedback
  • Measure your return on investment

How it works: At FiComm, we believe that digital outreach is supported by a strategic plan, a content calendar, regular reporting, optimization, and quality control. We will help you find the right mix to meet your goals within your budget and timeframe.

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