FiComm Partners Launches AmpliFi

Offering for Financial Advisors

FiComm Partners brings its award-winning expertise to help advisors boost the reach and impact of their content to improve business outcomes, driven by research from RDCL and a partnership with Qwoted

Los Angeles and New York (September 28, 2021) — Financial advisors have a new way to increase their content’s reach and impact with the launch of FiComm Partners’ (“FiComm”) AmpliFi offering. The integrated communications agency specializing in the financial services industry launched its third business offering built specifically for growing advisors who are looking to scale and develop marketing and public relations strategies around their proprietary content.

Through AmpliFi, advisors will have access to a dedicated team of marketing and public relations experts at FiComm to amplify the reach and distribution of their content across channels. Through a proprietary process, advisors will generate greater leverage from their podcasts, videos, blogs, webinars, newsletters, and more, by amplifying the content across social media, email campaigns, website lead capture, and media relations.

“There are so many advisors out there who develop amazing content across a variety of mediums but are frustrated with the limited results that come from the effort,” said Megan Carpenter, CEO and Co-Founder of FiComm Partners. “With AmpliFi, we provide an experienced marketing and PR support team to take an advisor’s existing content, create additional content, and efficiently distribute it across multiple digital communications channels to drive and nurture leads.”

FiComm partnered with social-science research firm, RDCL, to help understand how the agency could best support a specific tier of advisors who are looking to share their message in a meaningful and measurable way, but lack internal resources and expertise to do it on their own.

“Our research identified an unmet need among financial advisors for a PR and marketing solution that allows them to dip their toe in the water,” said Barnaby Riedel, PhD, Co-Founder of RDCL. “They want to explore the impact of a full-service agency without a long-term commitment or a big investment of time, money, and effort. AmpliFi meets this need.”

As part of the research, RDCL discovered that advisors poised to scale often have great niche content but lack the understating of how to develop a marketing plan and program around it. Many advisors described feeling “stuck” as they lacked the time, resources, or experience needed to on-board a full-service agency. The expressed desire for a middle-tier option that would amplify their previously created content was the missing link identified in the research, preventing advisors from benefiting from their content marketing efforts.

Earned media and public relations are powerful credibility builders, but often underutilized by advisors. To help assist AmpliFi clients in generating third party validation via media coverage, FiComm has partnered with Qwoted, an industry disruptive AI driven technology that scales connectivity and interaction between reporters and sources. Every AmpliFi client will have an expert source profile built on Qwoted, unlimited use of the technology, unrestricted access to the platform’s premium offerings, and personalized pitches generated by FiComm.

AmpliFi provides advisors a dedicated and customized experience through:

  • Social media copywriting and design
  • Qwoted profile and proactive media outreach
  • Website landing page copywriting and design
  • Email nurture campaigns
  • Quarterly one-on-one consulting and monthly group coaching
  • Access to FiComm’s Digital Advisor Education courses
  • Add-on services are available for advisors producing videos and podcasts, as well as for advisors interested in additional earned media opportunities or paid media strategies

With AmpliFi, FiComm continues to expand its wide variety of service offerings, already having established itself as a go-to, full-service integrated agency for many of the independent wealth management industry’s leading firms and service providers. The firm has nearly a decade of experience in marketing, public relations, digital outreach, crisis communications, and business consulting for leading edge businesses.

FiComm also features an Advisor Education arm, offering a series of cohort based coaching workshops for individual advisors on all things digital marketing. Launched in 2020, the offering has already been recognized as a finalist by as an industry disruptor. AmpliFi will become the third vertical offering under the FiComm Partners umbrella. With the combination of AmpliFi, Advisor Education, and full-service integrated communications, FiComm is in a position to help enterprise businesses grow from the top down, with corporate growth, and from the bottom up with affiliated advisor growth, making the firm a premier one-stop shop for wealth management firms.

“At FiComm, we pride ourselves on bringing meaningful growth to this industry we love every day. We’ve been able to accomplish so much with our incredible clients and partners over the past nine years and now, we are able to add yet another opportunity to our expansive offerings,” said Carpenter.

If you are interest in participating in AmpliFi, or to learn more, visit:

About FiComm Partners

Founded in 2012, FiComm Partners is a full-service communication agency specializing in the independent wealth management and financial advice industry. Focused on guiding the modern RIA forward, FiComm partners with clients to drive meaningful business results through strategic marketing, public relations, and advisor education. Leveraging decades of industry expertise, the mission of FiComm is simple—to extend the impact of financial advice by helping advisors, and the platforms who serve them, find their voice, tell their story, and grow better businesses. For more information about FiComm, please visit or follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Instagram.

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