Video-First Marketing Strategies

FiComm Partners on’s Wealthies Digital Forum

In this new digitally dominant landscape, advisors are finding new ways to connect face-to-face with current and prospective clients across generations and geographic locations. FiComm’s CEO, Megan Carpenter, and SVP of Advisor Education, Candice Carlton, led WealthManagement’s Video-First panel as a part of the publication’s Wealthies Digital Forum. This panel explored the importance of using video to create real, human, authentic connection with clients and hosted other industry marketing experts, including SVP of Marketing and Advisor Loyalty at Prospera Financial, Tarah Williams, and Director of Communications at First Ascent Asset Management, Ben Sullivan. The Q & A style panel allowed viewers to tune in to different opinions on video best practices and the most effective techniques for building trust in an evolving digital space.

As a video workshop leader, Candice touched on the impact coaching has on creating content for your dream client. She provided questions to ask yourself while filming—what videos do you typically watch? How are your viewers engaging in videos already? She also encouraged receiving expert feedback and coaching as first steps towards reaching your goals.

After sharing an advisor success story of a Zoom cocktail hour that was wildly popular with an advisor’s clients, Tarah Williams, stressed the importance of letting clients see your “human” side. She touched on the significance of emotional connection and being authentic with clients.

Additionally, Ben Sullivan, used a full-production video to promote their business when it launched. Ben’s startup company considers video an essential tool in increasing name recognition, alluding to the idea that it is no longer about if you should make a video, but what kind.

The panelists debated topics including whether or not to use scripts, the use of professional videographers versus DIY video, and the biggest mistakes advisors face when first introducing video as a communications medium. The different perspectives underscore Megan’s belief that there are no rules when it comes to making video, so long as you stay aligned with your “why” and your “who”.

Although in-person interactions are few and far between these days, incorporating video into your business allows for human connection and valued conversations.

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