How long does it take to become a video – rockstar? One day apparently

When XY Planning Network asked if we could help advisors feel confident on video in a single-day workshop format, my initial response was… I think so. We could try!  

I had proven success in designing and running four-week and eight-week DIY Video workshops so a single-day workshop was going to be… well, a new adventure and I warned advisors to come with an open mind, well caffeinated 

The results were startling for us. Success. A home- run. A new format and approach to getting advisors up and running on video FAST to connect + grow their businesses.  

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be even more agile with change. We’re being forced to evolve and adapt more quickly than we’ve ever had to and the appetite from advisors to master video has been no exception.  


Here’s what we learned to serve as inspiration for anything “new” you may be taking on:  

  1. Coffee is essential 
  2. Taking on something “new” with peers is more effective (and fun) 
  3. Embracing your constraints = secret ingredient to innovation


1. Coffee is essential 
  • What this really means is focused energy is crucial.  
  • All Advisors calendared a full day to commit to learning this new skill. No work. No work calls, simply their laptop, gear and focused attention.  
  • We experienced 100% engagement in lessons and coaching. I believe this was a crucial element to their success in learning a new skill quickly.  
Jeff’s First Video:

Jeff’s Final Video:

“The most valuable part of the workshop was simply creating the video. It can be intimidating to think about all that could go into video, this broke it down to the basics and showed you can get high quality stuff out quickly” 

– Jeff


2. Taking on something “new” with peers is more effective (and fun!)  
  • When learning something new, it helps to be fumbling around, making mistakes and taking on a new challenge with like-minded peers cheering you on along the way. 
  • There’s a comradery and generosity of spirit that evokes enthusiasm in a way that completing a solo online digital course just can’t compete with.  
  • Plus, you get an insider’s view of how others like you are “doing it.”  
Kate Video Rockstar Final Video

“The most valuable part of the 1-day workshop was doing exercises in a short period, getting immediate feedback, and doing it again.”

– Kate

3. Embracing your constraints = secret ingredient to innovation 
  • There are likely things you are not tackling right now because you have constraints. Budget, time and resources are typically the biggest constraints. 
  • If you can’t alleviate your constraints then the question to ask is “how do I use this to my advantage?”  
  • The question that I kept asking myself was, “What is essential in this 1-day format?” What is simply a nice to have? How do I make this just as, or more effective than the extended formats?”  
  • I replaced video lessons with live lessons and tacked on live coaching. The feedback speaks for itself.   

“This course brings you through not only the basics of camera positioning, sound, and lighting, but also on how to be better on-screen while being authentic to who you are.

If you’re trying to figure out video, take the course.”

– Curtis


We didn’t know how successful a single-day workshop could be but we knew we could add value whatever the outcome. We knew our area of domain expertise and we knew that the XY Planning Advisors are generally adventurous in spirit.  We were honest that we were trying something new and committed to being of contribution.  

I know you feel the same way about your clients.  

So how can you approach creating your own version of a single-day video jam session now and for 2021 to propel your business forward and serve your clients in this rapidly, wildly changing environment?  


BTW  we’d love to have you in an upcoming 1-day video workshop. Add yourself to our waitlist to be notified of when that is. If you have 24+ potential rockstars in your firm send us a note and we’ll run one just for you!