I’m just going to get right to it, drones are everywhere. Every agency I know has or rents them, everyone has one on their Christmas list, and let’s face it: they’re pretty damn cool.

But are they a valuable marketing tool for your business? No.

Probably not. I mean, maybe…

At FiComm, we’re big believers in video. Unlike any other medium, video allows you to connect with a vast audience in a very personal way. With animation, you can break down a complex investment product, strategy, or idea in a visual and engaging format. And we can (and most certainly will) write separate post(s) on the emotional connection you can make with a well crafted commercial.

So ask yourself, what are you trying to accomplish with a drone? Are you going to use it in a commercial to highlight an event or other regional activity? Are you going to fly over the community you serve to capture a specific shot which showcases the unique landscape of the world you’re connected to? Are you going to use it to make a specific point (see above video)? If so, fantastic.

If not, set down the Doc Brown inspired remote and walk away. Seriously, no one likes a gimmick. And bad video never goes good.

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I wrote this post as an indication of what you can expect on this blog from creative. If it’s wisdom you’re looking for, read Megan’s. If it’s an irreverent look at unique storytelling methods, read mine. If it’s useful insight on how to better communicate with your clients and prospects, read them all.

I can’t promise Shakespeare, but it will make you
think different.

– Christopher