2agqwih49ua-john-mark-kuznietsov At FiComm, we attend conferences with a certain passion that can only be explained by our fangirl/fanboy like view of the independent wealth management community. We love the energy, the people, the networking, the content, and the access that we get at the conferences we choose to attend every year. But we often hear from fellow industry vendors a different tune. Generally speaking, hard working sales teams show up at conferences tired from all the travel, completely disenchanted, and wondering why they bothered to show up in the first place. They ask us questions like, "Why do we keep wasting our money, year after year, expecting different results but getting the same-old same old?" One answer to this question, as the Millennials say, is FOMO: Fear of Missing Out. We worry what might happen if we don’t show up this one time. People will talk! Or what’s worse, they won’t talk. They’ll forget about us. And so, once again, hope triumphs over experience, and back to the conference they go, setting out the collateral, putting on lanyards, and smiling. There is a better way. Here are some ideas to make your next event pay off:

I know you love your product. I probably do too. But advisors just don’t.

I understand how you feel. It’s frustrating to work day and night to stay on the cutting edge of technology to realize advisors aren’t interested. When I worked as the right-hand person for owners of advisor firms, I was the one coming back from conferences excited about something new and cool. And the advisor would say, “Why should I care?”

photo-1424819894445-a31012da17ed Are you an advisor? A vendor? Either way, I think you’ll be interested in the new weekly FiComm blog we’re launching today. We will be covering all things communications including messaging, public relations, content marketing, and creative. My posts will be about advisors and marketing—and they'll have an unusual angle.