The Podcasting Workshop

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Podcasting has become the modern “blogging” for anyone who has something to say. This is your opportunity to create meaningful content for your clients and prospects to expand your reach, impact and growth. In this workshop, you will:

  • Focus your ideas and vision
  • Get really comfortable with your voice
  • Create your objective, description, trailer, podcast look and feel
  • Launch that podcast that you’ve been thinking about, dreaming about, thinking more about…but not actually launching

Launch your podcast in 30 days!

live cohort

30-day live cohort-based workshop to keep you accountable, in action and feeling supported.

weekly assignments

4x weekly assignments with step-by-step instructions, resources and peer feedback

Show blueprints

8x downloadable podcast + content creation blueprints, checklists and templates

expert coaching

4x live group coaching sessions with a podcast expert

peer community

Weekly peer accountability jam sessions to learn alongside advisors like you

tech reccos

Our top recommendations on tech, gear and partners to get it done

Designed For Advisors
In this workshop you will:
  • Define your show concept
  • Set up your tech, pre and post production flow
  • Create your podcast doctrine
  • Get clear on the format, tone + guest selection
  • Write your show description + record your intro
  • Begin guest outreach, record an interview + launch

About Candice

As the SVP of Advisor Education, Candice is responsible for developing the strategy and execution of virtual workshops, coaching and consulting programs that help the Modern Advisor supercharge client and prospect engagement with video, podcasts and new skool marketing strategies.

Prior to FiComm, she spent her career at two of the fastest growing and most innovative RIA’s in the US, starting on the trade desk of MercerAdvisors, a $5B RIA and then as The Global Director of Communications and Video at United Capital a $21B RIA, which was acquired by Goldman Sachs. She then went on to make cool videos for Financial Advisors, level up Communication Teams and Coach advisors as the Founder and Senior Consultant of AdvisorJam.

An expert, both on and off camera, she has hosted video and podcast episodes on everything from market updates to style tips for advisors and produced expert interviews on Happiness, LivingRichly and Client Experience. Candice has awesome experience coaching C-Suite Executives and hundreds of advisors on how to show up authentically at the mic and on–camera.


Can you really launch in 30 days?

You can and we’ll show you how!

How much time do I need to commit?

The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. We suggest 5-8 hours a week.

Is there a set schedule?

There will be weekly assignments and deadlines to keep you on track however you can complete on your own schedule and in your own time. Weekly Group Coaching will have a set time.

Do I need technical expertise to complete the workshop?

No- we’ll share super simple and intuitive resources or recommendations on how, when, and even our favs to outsource to.

I have a million podcast ideas- do I need to be clear on which one I want to work on?

No- your prep work will help you do exactly that. Bring all your ideas, enthusiasm and commitment and we’ll help you filter it down to the idea that will be most meaningful to your prospects and clients.

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