Are you an advisor? A vendor? Either way, I think you’ll be interested in the new weekly FiComm blog we’re launching today. We will be covering all things communications including messaging, public relations, content marketing, and creative. My posts will be about advisors and marketing—and they’ll have an unusual angle.

I’m going to share with you a view from the inside of advisor firms to see how they market themselves—and how they see the companies who try to market to them.

The insights come from real-world experiences I’ve gained since launching FiComm, and from my prior career. Unlike most marketing folks, I started off inside advisor firms, working as the owners’ right-hand person and teaching myself how to build successful marketing efforts from scratch. That’s why I come at things from a very hands-on, gritty, detailed perspective.

If you’re an advisor, you’ll learn how to “punch above your weight,” achieving significant business impact on a realistic budget.

If you’re a vendor, you’ll see how your corporate pitches translate to the highly entrepreneurial, “garage-band” world of independent business owners.

My goal is to give advisors and vendors a sneak peek inside each other’s worlds—and help them learn to speak each other’s language. The view from the inside may not always be pretty. But it still promises to be interesting.

I will be publishing every Thursday at high noon. See you then.