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Leverage the power of video to create high-impact authentic connection with your clients and prospects. Take on assignments designed to get you out of your comfort zone and into the world of video FAST!

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In this workshop you will learn:
  • how to use video to connect + grow
  • the only 3 on-camera tips you need 
  • scripting for high impact video
  • how to find your authentic tone
  • lighting, backdrop, and dressing for video
  • recommended DIY gear 
  • optimizing your videos for distribution
Peer Community

Access your peer cohort on our online platform

Take on assignments with the support of advisors like you

Experience firsthand how other advisors are leveraging video

Video Assignments

You’ll take on four video assignments from lighting to scripting

Post back to online community for peer and coach feedback

Complete the workshop feeling confident and ready to go!

Expert Coaching

This workshop is highly interactive

Real-time guidance from expert coaches

Receive on -camera guidance, feedback + coaching

Video Blueprints

Expert direction for tech, set up + scripting

The only 3 on-camera tips you need

Repeatable process for video across your firm

4-Week Workshop
$2500 $1199 Co-Vid Discount
Next class starts July 20th


What is DIY Video?

In the video world, (DIY = Do It Yourself) simply means you don’t have a fancy (and expensive) production team. Five years ago, it was your only option- that’s no longer the case.

Does my business really need video?

Do you have a high-impact way to stay in front of prospects and clients beyond your in-person meetings? If so- no.

I have a face for radio and I’m scared to be on camera.

Is there a question there? Yes. We hear this… All. The. Time. Good news – no one expects you to show up like a movie star. The power of video is it’s ability to convey authenticity and give your clients that almost in-person experience. We believe video is for everyone. It’s simply a skill we’ll help you master.

Why wouldn’t I just look up how to create videos on youTube?

You could. We love YouTube. But let’s be honest- you’ve been meaning to do that for a while now. Maybe you even bought all the gear but no videos made yet.

Our workshop is designed to help stay accountable and level up fast with peer support, expert coaching and bite-sized assignments. You can do it!!

Am I too old for video?

You already know the answer to this. Do you know how to use Facebook? Do you FaceTime? What about Zoom? Congrats you’re already making and watching video plus you’re tech-savvy enough to DIY it. Now we’ll teach you how to do this in your business. So… no.

Will you cover what gear to buy?

Yes. We’ll only recommend gear that’s simple, light on the budget and that we have tested and love.

How many hours per week do I need to commit?

Work time is flex based on your schedule.  To get the most out of it, we’d recommend committing 4-5 hrs/week.

I already do video- is this for me?

Do you love the way your videos look and do your clients and prospects love them? If so- this workshop isn’t for you. If you feel you have room to level up, polish your on-camera presence, message and authentic tone then yes- we’d love to have you!

Advisor Testimonials

“It can be intimidating to think about all that could go into video, this workshop broke it down to the basics and showed you can get high quality stuff out quickly”

– Jeff

“My biggest takeaway is that I can be myself on video. That it’s okay and can be appreciated when I transmit my authentic tone.”

– Summer

“The most valuable part of the 1-day diy video workshop is doing exercises in a short period, getting immediate feedback, and doing it again.”

– Katie

“Going into the workshop I was a little skeptical about mine and videos future together. We had a bit of rocky past.

But now… I’m feeling so much more confident. I’ve having a lot of fun, I have a set of new skills and I’m inspired to use video across our firm. We plan to use video for client onboarding, ongoing communications and even staff communications.”

– Kim Hall

“We had a good class, great feedback + positive vibes. We’ve already used video for client communications, saved about 6hrs of work plus they love it!

I am also using video to help transition myself out as the founder and introduce the rest our team to our clients”

– Ricky Grunden

“I found the collaboration with fellow advisors super productive + constructive.

I highly recommend Zero to Launch DIY Video Workshop for anyone launching a video communications program at their firm.”

– Linda Ding

“If you’re trying to figure out video, take the course.”

– Curtis

About Candice

As the EVP of Advisor Education, Candice is responsible for developing the strategy and execution of virtual workshops, coaching and consulting programs that help the Modern Advisor supercharge client and prospect engagement with video, podcasts and new skool marketing strategies.

Prior to FiComm, she spent her career at two of the fastest growing and most innovative RIA’s in the US, starting on the trade desk of MercerAdvisors, a $5B RIA and then as The Global Director of Communications and Video at United Capital a $21B RIA, which was acquired by Goldman Sachs. She then went on to make cool videos for Financial Advisors, level up Communication Teams and Coach advisors as the Founder and Senior Consultant of AdvisorJam.

An expert, both on and off camera, she has hosted video and podcast episodes on everything from market updates to style tips for advisors and produced expert interviews on Happiness, LivingRichly and Client Experience. Candice has awesome experience coaching C-Suite Executives and hundreds of advisors on how to show up authentically at the mic and on–camera.

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